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"Spiritual health is the path to inner peace,

regardless of the chaos around you"


Find tips below about integrating wellness on all levels.

I'm Jenna!

Jenna is an energy intuitive with the ability to see and sense energy/emotions being held in your body. She discovered this unique gift while attending a rehab she stayed in seeking help for depression and addiction. She believes the spiritual healing she  experienced while at her stay was nothing short of a miracle that led her on a path of soul searching, healing and gaining the knowledge necessary to strengthen her clairvoyance.  


Jenna's journey led her to become  a certified reiki master, qigong practitioner and healer, and meditation facilitator. Each certification has helped her delve deeper into learning the unique skill of clearing out old energetic patterns, releasing trauma and healing spiritually, mentally and physically. 


Jenna believes the awakening to higher states of consciousness truly saved her life and now she feels it is her mission to share this gift with others. 



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" It is wonderful seeing Jenna introduce the ancient practice of qigong to the next generation"

Dr. Mehmet Oz


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