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I am so grateful you have made it to my page! You may have found yourself here after a friend mention that they received an awesome energy-healing session, or maybe you came across an article I’ve posted about tips for your mind, body, or spirit. You may just know me and know absolutely nothing about this type of healing. In that case click here! For those of you that do not know me and are interested in how this venture came about, buckle your seat belts and get ready to hear about the roller coaster that has led me to finding my gift and passion for energy medicine. 

























































From this point forward my life took a turn for the better. Instead of finishing college and forcing myself to do what I thought I should, I did what I wanted. I had found my purpose. I researched energy healing and took in as much as I could. I traveled to attend seminars with spiritual teachers. It was during my retreat with Panache Desai where I realized I truly had a gift for clairvoyance. 



Ever since I can remember I have been described as sensitive. I literally felt like I was cursed every time someone would notice or remind me about how sensitive I was. For all of you empaths out there, just know you are not alone and you are amazing just as you are!  

As I entered my teen years my empathetic nature was fueled by hormones and emotions, I didn’t know how to process so I decided the best thing to do was avoid them all together. I did this by masking everything I felt and portraying myself to be a happy go lucky party girl. 


As time went on, I noticed myself growing extremely fatigued. The fatigue was getting in the way of everything from sports, relationships and dreams for my future. I barely had enough energy to get out of bed (most days I didn’t) nevertheless accomplish anything. My mom became extremely concerned and took me to a doctor. They scheduled multiple tests and blood work, which all came back normal. Perplexed, they suggested I visit a psychiatrist. I was prescribed anti-depressants, told to get a therapist and sent on my way.

The anti-depressants did help my mood, but the fatigue was still consuming my ability to function. I decided to take it upon myself to medicate in whatever I could using anything from caffeine to opiates until everything came crashing down one Christmas morning. “I can’t live like this anymore! I just want to die!” I cried to my mom as we sat under the beautifully decorated Christmas tree surrounded by gifts. She knew it was true, I needed help but she didn’t know where to turn. She made a few calls and a friend suggested a rehab facility a few hours west in Tampa, FL. I arrived there the next day. 


I explained to the psychologist of the facility everything that had been going on. The fatigue being the main problem fueling all of the others issues. He assured me that they would be able to help, which I highly doubted but I had no other choice then to give this program a shot. What I didn’t know then that this facility was more like an ashram then a rehab. Our days revolved around different spiritual healing techniques such as breathwork, art therapy and “Kai Chi Do”- which is a form of movement meditation. I explained how I was too exhausted to get out of bed and was terrified that now I would have to participate in this weird movement, meditation exercise. The therapist and staff explained that they would really like me to at least give it a shot.

What happened next was truly a miracle. As the movement slowed, we came together to do a sitting meditation. Our instructor told us to close our eyes as he guided us through the dimensions. It was through his guidance, I saw something happening in my minds-eye. Everything looked foggy and his words became distant but a flash of lightening came through and I realized what I was seeing was an intense storm that was actually taking place inside of me. 


A rush of negative energy barreled through my chest leaving me feeling as though I was being suffocated. I tried to pull away from the meditation but it was too late. I had a full-blown panic attack and passed out. When I woke up, I was surrounded by patients and the instructor. “What the f*ck was that?” I thought, but I couldn’t even manage to get the words out because I was speechless. 


Throughout my one month stay I felt better and better. I had so much more energy I literally felt like I had been reborn. I also became aware of how hyper sensitive I was to what others around me where feeling. I hadn’t felt this alive since I was a child and I knew my stay was coming to an end but I was hungry to learn as much as I could about spiritual healing. 


On my spiritual journey I have become certified as a Reiki Master through Marie Manuchehri, attended numerous retreats with Panache Desai, and finding Robert Peng and taking numerous courses with him including his professional healer training program. am My passion for Chinese energetic medicine currently led me to attend Red Thread Institute in hopes of becoming a doctor of medical qigong. I have also taken a medical intuitive course with Carolyn Myss and made an appearance on Dr. Oz discussing the benefits of qigong for youth. 





It is my belief that my passion for spiritual healing, alongside my clairvoyance is what allows me to assist others, and pass along the gift I had been given of healing spiritually and transforming my life. This is my wish for you!

Sending you love & light,



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